Money Tips for 2020 - Part 2

Money Tips 2

Start an emergency savings account if you don’t already have one. Unexpected expenses or loss of job is how many, many people get into financial difficulties in the first place. And if you need to turn to a financial institution for help, that’s fine. But it’s nice to have a choice or at least lessen the amount you may need to borrow. If you can have two or three months worth of living expenses set aside, it really does give you some leeway should the unexpected happen. Now here are some small every day tips to help you achieve your financial goals for 2020.

  • If you have to pull out your credit card to make a purchase, second guess the purchase.
  • Think long term. You’re not going to get there overnight. Take pride in the fact that you’ve decided to be smart with your money and celebrate the small wins… like when you use coupons, or bring your own coffee to work.
  • Track your spending and check it against your budget often… we suggest every two weeks.
  • Cut coupons and shop sales. But don’t confuse this with buying something simply because it’s a great deal. Look to save money on those things listed in your budget.
  • Plan your meals for the week and then grocery shop for only the things you need for those recipes. Use a grocery list… and for goodness sake, never walk into a grocery store when you are hungry.
  • Don’t accept our disposable society. We trash so many things that can be fixed. There are hundreds of DIYer tricks and tips online, so always look to see if that vacuum cleaner can be fixed before putting down a couple hundred bucks on a new one just because yours doesn’t pick up cat hair anymore.

This is just a small sample of all the things you can do to be smart with your money. And this blog will be offering more in the weeks and months ahead. But for now, we’d just like to wish you and yours a happy and financially healthy 2020.